You can't have heartwithout art.

Pride In The Arts supports the real need for art in; 

education, the workplace, and daily life. 

Through example, support and education. 


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     In today's precarious economic conditions it is imperative that we take the lead in maintaining and guaranteeing that an arts curriculum be present in our educational systems. In many areas art classes, all venues, have been reduced. Cut to the point that already underpaid instructors are shouldering some costs to enable the continuation of art classes. 

    It is known that the inclusion of the arts in a student's curriculum improves overall academic performance and acceptance. A well rounded and informed student is better prepared for employment and life challenges. 

     For decades areas such as athletics have taken control  by creating methods and ways to raise funds to support various sports programs and necessities. These efforts have maintained and provided service, supplies and growth to athletic programs. Enabling many students to take advantage of opportunities made available through a well organized and funded athletic department. There is absolutely no reason why art programs cannot be benefited by the same time of involvement and commitment. 

     To aid members we will host a directory specific to the individual member. Meaning directories will be available as shown in our MENU divided by Artist - Student - Educator/Instructor, Parent/Enthusiast. Members will have the availability to showcase their art either on Member Pages or via broadcasting opportunities available here at Pride In The Arts. This way we can support and promote art in education while simultaneously showcasing our member's art. To better advance Pride In The Arts and to ensure open availability we will not host or accept sexually explicit materials to be housed on this website. 

The goals of this website and group are;

      Art in all forms is the creation powered by the  individual spirit and muse of the artist. Therefore this website and group must be the same. It is necessary that we have involvement and input from all areas. That including students, instructors, artists, family, and enthusiasts. To best serve that end, the specific goals, actions, and programs of Pride In The Arts will be determined and driven by members.


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